Ignition Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all of the questions we could remember having been asked in the past. If you have a question that's not on here, please feel free to email ignition@alivenetwork.com or call our agent, Alive Network, on 01782 740839.


How much space do you need?

We’re very adaptable to different sized venues, the bigger the better, but small spaces will work just fine as well. Our usual size we work with is about 5x5metres.


How is it best to time things?

This is an example, from our own experience, what works well. Again, we’re very adaptable and every event is unique.

Start-8.45pm – iPod/laptop disco set gradually building atmosphere
8.45pm-9pm – Cut cake, photos, first dance
9pm-10pm – 1st band set
10pm-10.30pm – iPod/laptop disco
10:30pm-11:30pm – 2nd band set
11:30-Finish – iPod/laptop disco

We find it works better working around the schedule of dinner/food. At weddings and events where there is food, we try to remind clients that our sets are designed to get people dancing.


Can I pick the bands playlist?

We love your input on songs and artists you like to hear or anything you particularly don’t want performed. We do keep everything in mind when putting together our sets for your event. Our experience allows us to know what works and our professionalism allows us to adapt quickly to each different and unique audience we have the pleasure to perform to.

Our iPod/Laptop DJ service also allows us to play a lot more music. So if there’s something you want to hear and we don’t know it, you’ll still be able to hear it on the night.


Where will you travel to?

We travel all across the UK and even Internationally. Travel costs will be added to the overall fee.


Can I see you play live?

We do our best to accommodate this, however most of our performances our private weddings and functions. Please do check out our Facebook page for live updates on gigs - www.facebook.com/ignition.


Will you learn our special song?

Yes. We will learn first dances, and if you have songs that you’d love us to perform we can do our best to accommodate those as well. This does however, heavily depend on how much notice you can give us before your event.


Is the video on your website a true reflection of the band?

The videos on our website are all live performances recorded at the Alive Network studio. They are a totally accurate reflection of how the band will sound and perform at your event.


How do I book you?

Please follow the link www.alivenetwork.com/Ignition. You can also call our booking agent, Alive Network on 01782 740839.

If you’re on Facebook, we have a very fast response rate for any informal enquires through our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ignition) where we can discuss any questions you might have.


Are you able to DJ in between sets?

We bring a laptop and a very large external hard drive dedicated to music, where we can source all songs to create varied playlists from background jazz to upbeat disco.

The DJ package is offered for free if you confirm your booking with us within 7 days of receiving your official quote.


Can we make DJ requests in advance to my event?

Yes. Most certainly you can give us ideas of artist or specific songs you’d like us to DJ. The more information you give us in advanced the more we can do to accommodate your needs.


Can we use your sound system for speeches?

Yes. We have a wireless microphone you are able to use as well as wired microphones. We will be happy to show you how it works and will be on hand to help.


What equipment do you use?

The sound system we use is; 1 x Yamaha EMX 5000-20 mixing desk, 2 x HZ SB600 Bass Cabinets, 2 x HE 300 Top Cabinets. Other equiopemtn we use includes: TC electronic bass amp, Fender guitar amp, Korg and Yamaha Keyboards and Yamaha stage custom drum kit.

We do also have another system we can use if events have much larger audiences.


Do you have lights?

We have a great selection of Lighting equipment; 2 x equinox micro batt, 2 x equinox gigabar (4 LED par cans each), 2 x ACME Leo’s, 1 x Equinox Terminator 2 LED effect and 1 x Equinox Matrix LED effect.


How long do you play for?

We usually perform 2 x 60 minutes of live upbeat music. We do also offer 3 x 40 minutes and we can adapt to other times depending on your event. As a special upgrade for your event, we also offer a unique 1 hour acoustic set with the full band or duo. This is the perfect extra to add to your big day if you’d like great live music in the background behind your dinner/drinks etc.


What time do you start and finish?

We usually start around 8pm and finish at midnight. That includes the live music and laptop/DJ service. We can provide a later finish in our upgrade package.


How long do you take to set up?

We ask for 1 hour 30 minutes to load our equipment in, set up and soundcheck everything. Depending on the logistics of the venue, long corridors, multiple stair cases etc it may take longer, in which case we’d like to know in advance and get to the venue earlier to accommodate.


Can I provisionally book you?

Unfortunately, we don’t take provisional bookings as our demand means we could be turning clients away on popular dates. However, when you make an official enquiry with us, your enquiry will be logged in our system and you will be given first refusal on your date should anybody else enquire for the same date.


What if the band split up before my event?

Like many professional party bands, our work is our livelihood and so we take our commitments very seriously.

In the very unlikely event that the band had split up before your party, every effort would be made to find a suitable replacement band.


Can my sisters/bosses/daughters dog sing with your band?

We love it when people get up to sing a song with us, but we do like to make sure that those singing or playing with us have some experience of being on stage. We’re happy to arrange this with you in advance. However, past experience has taught us that welcoming impromptu guests onto the stage on the night itself, can often end in disaster so we’d rather steer clear of that situation.


What will the band wear?

Our entire is based on the event and we make sure we look our absolute best for each and every event. To get an idea you can check out our photos on our media page.


Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates?

We carry an up-to-date PAT and PLI certificate to each and every gig.


Why should I book Ignition?

The best party band you will find!

We pride ourselves on our energy, our repertoire, our performance and the years of experience in crafting our skills, that we believe makes us the best band you can book. We’re always pushing to make each performance better than the last and making sure everyone has a great night and dances their socks off, this is what we strive for each and every time.


How much does it cost to book the band?

Prices vary due to different costs you can add on and location of events from where we are based. If you use the booking form, you will be able to get an instant quote!


Can we see some previous client testimonials?

Yes. All testimonials from previous satisfied clients are on our website here.


Does Ignition have any specific requirements?

We request a room in which to change, something to eat and soft drinks/water for the duration of our time at the venue.


What type/size venues are you able to play at?

We are comfortable performing at small intermit venues or much larger venues. We have a range of equipment available to us which allows us to either upsize or downsize. We very much pride ourselves on being adaptable.


How loud will the band be?

Each and every venue is different, from a large hall to a small room. This is why we take great pride and efficiency in our sound check, so we can provide the best sound possible for the space we are performing in. The years of experience have helped us refine our ability to perform at the correct and appropriate level for venues of various sizes.


What is the band power requirement?

We usually request 2 double 13 amp supplies near to the stage area. We use LED lighting which keeps our power consumption down but we prefer to run lights from one power source and audio equipment from another to reduce the risk of noise interference.


Do Ignition offer any additional services?

We do provide extra options for those looking to really take their event to the next level. Please check out the above options or contact us to discuss.